PTRX Terms of Service


By using this product, I am acknowledging my 100% agreement with the following statements: I am participating in a home exercise program (HEP) outside of the offices of the Institute for Athletic Medicine, Fairview Health Services, University of Minnesota Orthopaedics Physical Therapy, Fairview Hand Clinic and North Memorial Health Care (IAM/FHS/UMOPT/FHC/NMHC). I agree to not share this HEP, these exercises or this specific webpage with any person or persons beyond the IAM/FHS/UMOPT/FHC/NMHC team. The video and printed exercises available at this website ( are generalized versions of the exercises prescribed to me, and as such, I will follow the specific instructions provided to me by my care provider (Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainer, etc.) at IAM/FHS/UMOPT/FHC/NMHC and will use these video exercises only in accordance with said specific instructions. I agree to hold harmless the IAM/FHS/UMOPT/FHC/NMHC and and their affiliated and/or parent companies from any and all costs, expenses, claims, demands, causes of action, liabilities and responsibilities arising from or connected to my actions in use of said videos. I agree that this agreement will be in place related to use of said videos in perpetuity.